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Your Coloring Book

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I once read a story
About a wonderful house
With big rooms and windows,
Two cats and a mouse.

I read it aloud
To see how it sounded—
When I heard someone call out
“That’s quite unfounded!”

I looked out my window
And saw an animal pack
Surrounding a turtle
Who rolled onto his back.

“What about me?” said the turtle,
“That’s why I am crying,
My home is this shell
On which I am lying.”


I apologized to the turtle
For what I had said,
“You have a wonderful home,
Like a roll-away bed.”

This pleased the turtle
And also the rest,
So the bird said to me,
“May I show you my nest?”


I looked high and low,
But all I could see
Were some twigs
Way up high in a tree.

The nest had no roof
Or a chimney with bricks,
But it did have three eggs
With three little chicks.

Then we followed the bear
But I fell behind,
So I followed their tracks
And was suddenly blind!

Laughter broke out
And a candle was lit—
The bear’s home was a cave,
And I’d walked into it.

The bear was quite large,
Both hefty and tall,
So of course his home
Was the biggest of all.

At the back of the cave
We didn’t talk any more,
For there was his family,
Sound asleep on the floor.

Just then I heard
A buzz in my ear.
I looked at my friends
And they let out this cheer:

“That’s the bee’s way of saying
We have yet to arrive
At his residence—
A split-level bee hive.”


When the bee explained
How many bees lived inside,
I threw up my hands and said,
“But don’t they collide?”

The bee laughed and said,
“We’re all quite organized,
But it’s also helps
That we’re so small-sized.”

The squirrel led the way,
To where wasn’t known,
But the turtle was tired
And called for us to “Slow down!”

The squirrel said politely,
“Don’t forget about me,
I live in a hole
In the trunk of a tree.”

The turtle and I
Couldn’t see in the tree.
We weren’t as tall as the bear,
And had no wings like the bee.

So the bear gave us a lift
Up high from the ground,
And inside the hole
We saw nuts all around.

Now that I’ve thought
And looked very hard,
I’ve learned there’s more to a home
Than a house and a yard.

A home is a place
Where your family’s a part
Of not only your house
But also your heart.

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My friends were tired
Having traveled all day,
So they said good-bye,
And I thought I’d play.

But all of a sudden
The thought came to my head,
That the best place in a home
Is my very own bed.


Fill in the house puzzle with other kinds of homes and the animals who live in them. Down and across clues provided.


A maze game. The turtle gets lost inside the bear’s cave. Help him find his way out of the maze.

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