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About..... "A Home Is Not Just A House" Coloring Book

Your Professionally Written & Illustrated Coloring Book


Imagine The Smiles You’ll Get

• A gift for your customers!

• A memorable direct mail piece!

• Your personalized marketing vehicle!

• Set yourself apart—and start being known as the business in town with its own coloring book!




Professional illustrations and a warm-hearted story line create a coloring book kids and parents will love to receive.

VIEW INSIDE 'YOUR COLORING BOOK' and the read the heart-warming story.

The Coloring Book is only $39. Order today!


How It Works:

After placing your order we’ll email the high-resolution PDF file to you.

It's ready to use as soon as you receive it.

Simply take the file to a copy shop and print the coloring books in quantity... or send the files to a larger printer and you can have thousands of offset coloring books you can distribute.

We include all of the easy print instructions that you hand to the printer or copy shop. Just give your logo or advertisment to the printer and he will add to the cover and back page.

Your printed coloring book will be a 16-page booklet, 8 1/2 x 11" finshed size.




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