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A Highly Effective Marketing Tool Designed
Exclusively For Your Real Estate Business!


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There are plenty of ways for businesses to get better known.

But how many marketing vehicles are as heart-warming and endearing as this family gift that stays in the home for weeks!

Personalize it!

Our Coloring Book is a fun story, professionally written
and illustrated. You can customize the book with your
company name or logo on the cover

Plus, there’s also a full page on the back for your name, address, phone numbers, photos, logo, map, business announcement or any advertising message you wish to add.



your coloring book


Testimonial for "A Home Is Not Just A House" Coloring Book

"I’ve been in the business for years and have seen just about everything. This is different, and special. And families love it and think of me every time they open it!"

Chuck Butler, owner, Century 21 Butler Realty



It’s hard to stand out in a very crowded marketplace, so finding a unique marketing tool is essential.

Now you can put your name on a product that is different and unforgettable.

The Coloring Book is perfect for those whose customers are families with children.


Publish A Dozen Coloring Books - Or A Thousand!

Whether you need just fifty coloring books - or fifteen thousand - our fully prepared, printer-ready artwork is ready to use.

Give our PDF file to your local printer or copy shop who will add your info and publish as many as you need.

It’s so easy and fast - you can order your coloring book artwork today and start using the books tomorrow!

And it's affordable! Just $39!


"This coloring book gets me more clients than any other advertising I do. I give it out at meetings, at fairs, at schools. It’s not instantaneous. But over time, a lot of those families have become my clients.” – B. J. Cavanaugh, agent, Remax



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